MAGAZINE // 2013 Titans - Building Nations

Leading Edge // SAMSA​

Commander Tsietsi Mokhele, the head of the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA), shares with us the enormous opportunities the maritime sector holds for our economy, explains the need to involve the private sector in developing opportunities on the African continent and explains the potential the sector holds for developing an inclusive society.


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CASE IN POINT // Massmart

A successful South Africa is premised on having capable future leaders. Massmart has taken the lead in this regard by not only nurturing South Africa’s future leaders but also empowering the communities in which they live. Through its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives, Massmart has identified education, early childhood development (ECD) and nutrition and feeding, as pivotal areas in nurturing South Africa’s future leaders.


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Governance is much more than a mere word. Speaking to Neotel’s company secretary Calvin Theko, one deduces that it is his passion. And his passion is as clear as the objectives of the governance function itself.


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For a host of reasons, the year 2013 is one that will be remembered by many South Africans. The year will hold particularly fond memories for the Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council (MEIBC) says Thulani Mthiyane, General Secretary, Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council. CEO Magazine met up with the General Secretary to reflect on the year that was 2013 and have a sneak peek into what lies ahead in the near future.


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SUSTAINABILITY // Climate Change and Productivity

Extreme weather can wreak havoc on cities and their economies. Damage from hurricanes Katrina and Sandy is estimated at more than USD150-billion and over USD60-billion, respectively. Weather-based power failures and disruptions to transportation systems can delay commuters, stall deliveries, and choke supply chains. And even where extreme conditions are common, economic life suffers. Regions with hot, wet climates are less productive on average.


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SKILLS DEVELOPMENT // The Value of an Exit Interview

Staff turnover is one of the most significant HR costs in any business. The direct costs seem obvious; recruitment advertising, screening, interviewing, reference checking, assessments, contracts, followed by induction and training, all in terms of the hard costs and the allocation of resources, time and staff. Based on a review of 30 case studies in 11 published research papers, The Center for American Progress estimated the cost to replace a worker to be one-fifth of an employee’s annual salary.


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GOING GREEN // Carbon Budget to 2100 Will Be Used By 2034

Results show carbon budget limits are now within the planning cycle of major infrastructure and business investment decisions increasing the risk of stranded assets. The world is on track to blow the 2°C carbon budget estimated by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change (IPPC) for the next 89 years, within a period of 21 years, according to an analysis carried out by PwC. This puts the world on a path consistent with potential global warming of around 4°C by 2100, the most extreme scenario presented in the recent IPCC 5th Assessment Report on climate science.


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