NEWSLETTER // Februarry 2015

A World of Disruption

Technology is the single most important external factor influencing organisations today. This digital world opens up a host of possibilities and opportunities to revolutionise practices and processes and driving greater efficiencies. But it also presents a challenge, one that is exacerbated by the emergence of Generation Y into the workforce. Organisations need to rethink their workplace, not only to develop the necessary agility and flexibility to remain competitive, but to cater to the employee of the future.  


The workplace of today is often a very prescriptive place. Employees are told what to do and when to do it, and are dictated to as to the equipment they are permitted to do their jobs on. This model has worked for many years, and as a result organisations are somewhat reluctant to change. However, Generation Y chafes under the restrictive nature of such an 


environment. This generation has been brought up in a world where technology is ubiquitous and they are taught to question everything. They have become accustomed to consumerised technology, and expect the same in the workplace. 


The reality is that companies that cannot accommodate the new generation are going to lose out. These are the very people who disrupt current thinking, drive innovation, and use technology in new ways to create new ways of doing business. Generation Y is not bound to any particular place or any particular device – they are always on, always connected – and this is disrupting existing thinking, whether organisations are ready for it or not. 


Managing the integration of a new generation into the workplace, the complexities of BYOD and the disruption these cause, while ensuring compliance with legislation designed to protect data integrity, is a challenging task. Enterprises need to create a dynamic workplace to cater to the growing need to be able to work any time, on any device, with applications both personal and company-owned.





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