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Men Laying the Foundations of Africa


Titans – Building Nations is a recognition programme for the powerful men in Africa. The performance of men in business and government goes way beyond personal success. Despite being pioneers of their enterprises and sectors, we aim to bring to the forefront the unmistakeable prowess of the men shifting the African landscape for the purpose of sustainable growth and on-going development of their nations. 


Applauding Titans for their impactful role happens in the following steps:

1. External nominations are received (incl. contact details)

2. Men are contacted to complete an entry form

3. A three phase judging process takes place to identify incredible men, building nations

4. Regional events take place across the continent to acknowledge the definitive achievements of these men

5. A symposium brings men of influence and their female counterparts together to tackle critical issues

6. A final recognition event takes place to elevate the achievements of men that have contributed to continental growth, identifying continental winners from the pool of regional winners and lifetime achievers. The event incorporates our women’s recognition programme, Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government


Participants of the prestigious awards programme are showcased in a premier annual publication for their economic and societal triumphs.  The publication is distributed across the continent and is notable to many executive decision makers. These are the Titans who Build our Nations!


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