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The art of attracting a blue chip corporate’s most influential players to pleasurably anticipate spending their invaluable time at a conference is rare. The most experienced marketing professionals know that not only do you have to offer them an exceptional speaker, the speaker themselves have to own the type of influence that those individuals will admire and respect.

However, it is really only the most exceptional marketers who are able to pair the right speaker with the right event and enjoy seeing those speakers charging the atmosphere of a room with electric energy. 

How do they do it? Little known and seemingly counter-intuitive, these exceptional marketers seldom book key note speakers and programme directors based on their biographies and “celebrity” status alone.

They also don’t rely on the conference venue and surroundings – they recognise that these are secondary to the powerful delivery of a meaningful and inspiring message delivered by a consummate communicator. 

Professional marketers choose keynote speakers, MCs and programme directors (facilitators) based on recommendations from professional agents, who can substantiate their qualifications, experience and ability to deliver original content in a dynamic manner. This is followed by a speaker briefing meeting, where the specific goals and objectives of the event are identified and the speaker has the opportunity to tailor their content to meet the client’s needs.

This secret is shared by Lynn Baker, a certified World Class Speaking Coach, Executive Presence Consultant and Professional Speaker who is Programme Director for an Executive Speaker Programme presented by Unique Speaker Bureau (USB), in collaboration with the Henley Business School. 

Baker excels at training, mentoring and consulting with local and international professionals, with a world-wide proven track record. 

In her distinguished career, Baker has witnessed the reality of speakers across Africa igniting a room and giving mesmerising presentations that inspire action, catalyse change and motivate progress.  She’s also seen influential speakers taken from the USB stable into the confidence of the continent’s most powerful leaders and become trusted advisors to them.

Speaking from her office in Johannesburg, she outlines that some events require more than one speaker which is why USB also bases their selection on the speaker’s presentation content, professionalism, expertise, experience, depth….and ability and willingness to collaborate. In this case, the bonus of using USB is the cohesiveness that they can quickly generate.

Baker explains: “When you’re leading an organisation and influencing the shape of our continent’s socio political landscape, you become highly discerning and are only interested in investing your time and attention on a masterful speaker who can truly teach you something.”

To this end, the bureau has assembled outstanding experts across various business disciplines ranging from social media, scenario planning, marketing, sales and change management, amongst other subjects.  

She outlines how by doing this, USB has already started to impact businesses outside the borders of South Africa - evident from the growing demand for USB’s speakers.

She elaborates: “I specifically chose to partner with USB because I recognised the type of excellence that has been instilled throughout USB as an organisation by its founder Paul Mc Connon. He embodies that rare talent that continually identifies charismatic speakers and creates innovative opportunities for them to collaborate with each other and up their game. Speakers capable of enthusing and inspiring audiences of diverse cultures, skills and backgrounds.”

Some of USB’s speakers are native to South Africa, others have entered South Africa from their birthplace in other countries of the continent. And yet other international speakers fly into South Africa when booked by USB for conferences – from their home towns and directorship roles assumed and executed in locations around the world. 

They also have the unique understanding of markets and the knowledge and experience to ensure the conference is relevant and aligned to its objectives – the best investment to guarantee success.  

Economically, Africa finds itself in paradoxical circumstances with strong potential for growth, whilst contending with some of the most taxing systemic issues and challenges that require unconventional means to inspire, create and drive sustainable change.

Baker says USB delivers well-matched speaker solutions to Africa’s businesses because it is committed to building capacity and expertise through speaker development throughout Africa, thereby delivering a blossoming pool of talent to further enhance the current reputation as the “preferred speaker bureau” in South Africa.

USB now also offers a presence in Zambia, Malawi, Mauritius and Zimbabwe.  Amongst others, it has plans to expand into Namibia, Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya and Ghana.

Baker also points to USB’s key success factor that they train speakers to build conference delegates into brand ambassadors, something she herself has excelled in. They achieve this by consistently delivering bespoke, relevant and cutting edge content and solutions to Africa’s businesses.

This positions the company to take their place as the bureau of choice on the continent for those sourcing exceptional talent for both their large scale and intimate events because it provides the highest level of support when it comes to planning, coordinating and managing speakers – a key differentiator that attracts their clientele of master marketers.  

Baker concludes by asserting her admiration for USB being resolute in questioning conventional ideas and exemplifying a company of thought leaders who break barriers in relentless and passionate pursuit of creating magical and impactful moments.   

If you would like to attend one of the showcasing events offered by USB or would simply like more information, contact their experts on +27 11 465 4410 or check out Alternatively contact: 


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