MAGAZINE // 2016 Titans - Building Nations

LEADING EDGE // Lessons in Leadership

In this edition of Titans: Building Nations we speak with Xolile George, Chief Executive Officer of the South African Local Government Association (SALGA) and a Continental Winner in the Public Enterprises sector of the Titans: Building Nations programme 2015. He shares his views on the challenges local government faces, draws attention to the progress made in this sphere and reaffirms his passion for seeing local government help transform South Africa.


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CASE IN POINT // A Host with Style and Elegance

Midrand Conference Centre has been nominated as one of the top two conference venues in Gauteng by the Star Readers’ Choice Awards. It was also voted one of the top two wedding venues in Gauteng by the prestigious ABIA annual Brides’ Choice Awards and given the 2014 Award of Excellence by’s guests. This award winning venue is the perfect host for any kind of event. Situated across the road from the Gallagher Convention Centre and between the largest business hubs of Pretoria and Johannesburg, the Centre offers hospitality and service unparalleled in the industry.


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EgyptAir is one of the most valuable aviation companies in Africa. It is the major employer in a sector that boasts 197 000 jobs in Egypt. This total, says, Ashraf Hakim Alsayad, Regional General Manager of EgypyAir South Africa, is further broken down in the following manner: 53 000 jobs are directly supported by the aviation sector;  97 000 jobs indirectly supported through the aviation sector’s supply chain; and 46 000 jobs supported through the spending by the employees of the aviation sector and its supply chain. In addition there are a further 1 384 000 people employed through the catalytic (tourism) effects of aviation, he states. 

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CASE IN POINT // The Premier League of Africa’s Professional Speakers

The art of attracting a blue chip corporate’s most influential players to pleasurably anticipate spending their invaluable time at a conference is rare. The most experienced marketing professionals know that not only do you have to offer them an exceptional speaker, the speaker themselves have to own the type of influence that those individuals will admire and respect.

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CASE IN POINT // An Eternal Afro-Optimist  

Kevin Wakeford, chief executive officer of Armscor, is an economic patriot who believes that his knowledge of the economics environment placed him ahead of the pack for leading a globally respected arms procurer which has the potential to be a game changer in the broader national economy. With a track record that speaks for itself, Kevin is confident that his different approach and ability to think and do things creatively will set Armscor on the pedestal of success, now and in the future. According to him, his appointment to take the reins could not have come at a better time. Armscor was looking for a strong minded and strong willed leader who would keep its integrity intact while maintaining its status as an economically relevant organisation after a somewhat tumultuous time.

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X AND Y // Behind the scenes with Annelize Wepener    

Annelize Wepener grew up in Vereeniging, South Africa and attended the Vaal University of Technology. She began her career as a secretary in 1981 but it was when she joined Avroy Shlain Cosmetics that she began to make a name for herself. She went from success to success and became the youngest Regional Director in South Africa. With a passion for business and an eagerness to meet a demand in the market she launched CEO Communications.

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X AND Y // Creating a Borderless Business Environment  

What makes one “Titan” stand out from another? It is a question hotly debated by judges. As a Titan was originally a person of incredible strength, in the business world of 2016 individuals seeking to become a Titan of their sector are going to have to display strength of character, strength of persistence and passion and strength of commitment to their community.


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X AND Y // Unlocking Economic Opportunities    

Until recently, Tsietsi Mokhele was the chief executive officer of the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA). Also known as the Commander, he is the Patron of the Titans: Building Nations programme. He says the private sector has not taken full advantage of opportunities presented by government’s focus on the ocean economy under Operation Phakisa. Among other targets, Operation Phakisa aims to unlock economic opportunities from South Africa’s oceans, estimated to have the potential to contribute R177 billion to GDP by 2033, up from R54bn in 2010.


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