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Behind the scenes with Annelize Wepener    

Annelize Wepener grew up in Vereeniging, South Africa and attended the Vaal University of Technology. She began her career as a secretary in 1981 but it was when she joined Avroy Shlain Cosmetics that she began to make a name for herself. She went from success to success and became the youngest Regional Director in South Africa. With a passion for business and an eagerness to meet a demand in the market she launched CEO Communications.

In the Beginning
Annelize began CEO Communications with a dream and goal in mind: “I really wanted to bring a positive media message into a space that was increasingly becoming cluttered with negative press. In this regard I think we have succeeded beyond our expectations.” 


Starting a new business in any market can be a challenge. Annelize shares about the early years and the hardest part about launching CEO into the South African market: “I think the intellectual and legislative business frameworks we have put in place in South Africa are in theory a good idea. 

They are clearly meant to support the growth of small business. However, I think over the years we have inadvertently over-regulated some areas and this can make it difficult for business to grow.” 

Everything In-between
Much of what she achieved was nurtured from the mentors in her life. “A lot of what I have learned in the business world has come from Avroy Shlain. A hugely successful entrepreneur in his own right, he has always helped me reflect on challenges and help me identify the best places to start addressing challenges I may be facing. In the last few years I have also benefitted from the guidance of Commander Tsietsi Mokhele. He has a contemplative approach to business and has taught me to always keep an eye on the bigger picture.”

Since the beginning, the family-orientated leader has never stopped growing and developing her abilities. “I think my greatest challenge is constantly adapting to the pace of change in the business world. The environment is changing all the time and demands rapid responses from all of us all the time. Fortunately my role brings me into contact with a wide variety of leaders and I learn a lot from them through my interaction with them.” 

Still to Come
CEO Communications has become CEO Global in a few short business years. From one publication to a flourishing organisation that offers four publications and various other services to the African market. There is no limit and the golden-touch entrepreneur Annelize says, “We are on a drive to expand our reach – watch this space, you will definitely see more of us!”


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