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Creating a Borderless Business Environment   

What makes one “Titan” stand out from another? It is a question hotly debated by judges. As a Titan was originally a person of incredible strength, in the business world of 2016 individuals seeking to become a Titan of their sector are going to have to display strength of character, strength of persistence and passion and strength of commitment to their community.

The 2016 judges were looking beyond individuals that are successful within their chosen career to find men that are aiming for regional economic integration. Men that are facilitating gender integration, who see opportunity to succeed fairly and who never walk away from any difficulties they may encounter in trying to achieve their goals. 


These motivators can be working in the Entrepreneurial, Professional, Corporate and Government worlds but all are focused on creating a borderless business environment. They are men that recognise the route to ‘integration’ will arise from ‘co-operation’. And they view the many benefits that will arrive objectively not competitively.

Understanding that co-operation will lead to collaboration and this, in turn, will increase bargaining power means setting aside self interest and ego. This year’s crop of ‘Titans’ is prepared to put all else before their own gain to ensure that the ‘wealth’ of their sector is preserved and increased.

2016 has brought to the fore Titan’s of truly great stature. Every nominated man is making his mark and whilst this creates headaches for the judges it is rewarding, and humbling, for them to read testimonials that prove the real influence a person is having on their immediate environment and for the greater good. 

In every Awards process there are winners and those that miss the mark. That doesn’t mean they are ‘losers’, it just indicates that others nominated are individuals whose reach is greater in 2016.

Vital in the entire process is the value of the work that every finalist is producing. The Continent of Africa needs these Titans to bring international recognition and business interactions. It needs to message that it is not a poor second cousin to its perceived First World business companions. The greater collaboration from a unified African business environment, the more opportunities for elevation for its people will be enhanced.

The Titans: Building Nations of 2016 are men of strength, men of valour and men who refuse to see country borders as a barrier to expansion. They bring with them the determination that has its foundation in pride. Pride at what they have already achieved and what they aim to continue to accomplish in the coming years.  


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