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In today’s business environment there is a lot of pressure on business people to both conform and perform. If you want to be viewed as a success you need to deliver on the business objectives of your employer and ensure your work performance measures up to established benchmarks – even exceeding them where possible.


You have to align yourself with your company’s values, be a passionate brand builder and strategic thinker, exhibit extraordinary planning and organisational skills, whilst displaying the energy levels of an Olympic athlete.


With so many external pressures bearing down on us, it is often difficult to determine what our actions should be and we often feel limited by constraints around us.


Titans – Building Nations celebrates the gentlemen that have overcome the aforementioned challenges and used their influence to exercise authentic leadership.


For most of our contributors authenticity leadership is highly intrinsic to whom we are as individuals and everyone has their own definition of the concept. There has been one commonality though - self belief. If we focus on what we are and what we can do our authenticity is sure to shine through.


The leaders that will form part of these awards will have all confronted significant challenges and by making authentic choices and have risen to the top of their fields. Join us as we recognise and celebrate their leadership excellence and pay tribute to their achievements.



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