ABOUT US // Letter from Advocate Heath


I have had the great pleasure of serving as a director of CEO Global for a number of years.


CEO is committed to bringing recognition to important issues, which affect not only our society as South Africans, but Africa as a whole. We as Africans are proud citizens of this beautiful continent, a continent which has overcome much adversity.


The Titans – Building Nations initiative aims to recognise the role of businessmen in Africa - no matter creed, race or language - in uplifting the people of Africa. Men are the backbone of our society and positively influence every facet of our culture by raising our future leaders, supporting our current leaders and being leaders themselves.


Titans – Building Nations is the start of an initiative to recognise as well as recognise and celebrate their role on our beautiful and diverse continent.


I have no hesitation to promote and support the Titans – Building Nations initiative and express my sincere appreciation of the role men play in our society and have played in my life.



Heath Consulting


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