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Titans - Building Nations places a strong emphasis on corporate social responsibility issues and matters of sustainability that are core to business success. An annual publication, the magazine celebrates various organisational successes through profiling in the Case in Point section. In Sustainability, the focus is on such topics as climate change and the carbon footprint and related business practices. Being a publication that is aimed at the top level of business leaders, the magazine enriches even the most experienced leader with high level quality thought leadership articles that empower leaders though the Empowered Leadership segment.


Each publication brings new perspectives and solutions to existing workplace skills issues through a section titled Skills Development. A new angle is taken with respect to articles in the Corporate Governance part of the yearly edition where field experts tackle the latest trends in that arena. With environmental issues closely intertwined with business sustainability, information-wealthy articles that take an exploratory path fill the last part of the magazine in the Going Green segment.


Titans - Building Nations adds to the already impressive family of magazines in the CEO stable.

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